Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Five things to do to prevent the spread of HIV / AIDS is Abstenince (Do not have sexual relations before marriage), Be Faithful (Faithful in pairs), Condom (Use a condom on any risk sex), Drug (Avoid the use of drugs) and Equipment Sharing , NO. (Avoid the use of any tools / materials for drugs. that is one of the important points presented by H. Iswandi Executive Secretary Gunungkidul AIDS Commission (KPAK) as a guest speaker on radio talkshow hosted the Field of Communications and Informatics Dishubkominfo Gunungkidul in collaboration with Radio FM Argososro Thursday 6 November 2014 ago.

In the talk show moderated Marsana reveal many facts about HIV / AIDS and prevention efforts in Gunungkidul. On the occasion H. Iswandi also said that HIV / AIDS is cumulative based on data from 2006 up to March 2014, recorded 133 cases of HIV / AIDS where as many as 109 of the amount due to risky sexual behavior and 37 cases the sufferer is the mother household. "This amount is recorded in the NAC patients Gunungkidul, while patients with this disease such as iceberg, many have not detected" said H. Iswandi. "The numbers are not necessarily people with HIV / AIDS are all domiciled in Gunung considering a centralized data collection at the provincial level so that it can be DIY citizens living outside the Gunung Gunung yet recorded HIV / AIDS in which he lives", he added.

Furthermore, based on the data in KPAK age range of people with HIV / AIDS are in the productive age group is between 20 years to 50 years. Secretary KPAK Gunung also give sense to the listener that anyone could at risk or at risk of HIV infection regardless of age, gender or social status where HIV transmission occurs when there is activity exchange of body fluids that contain HIV from an infected person to others. The fluids include blood, semen, vaginal fluids and breast milk.

H. Iswandi recognizes that AIDS Measures Commission Gunungkidul also find it difficult to provide outreach to the general public on this issue in view of the problem of reproduction is still considered taboo for some people Gunungkidul. However KPAK by cooperating with related agencies, community leaders and religious leaders can work together to provide an understanding of the dangers of this disease, so that the incurable disease can be prevented as much as possible in the region perkembangnya Gunungkidul.

AIDS Commission Gunungkidul is part of the structure of the National AIDS Commission (NAC), which is formed based on the Regulation of the Minister of Home Affairs No. 20 In 2007, chaired by Menkokesra, to the level of so-called Provincial Provincial AIDS Commission (KPAP), chaired by the Deputy Governor while for the District / City called AIDS Commission District / City (KPAK) chaired by Vice Regent / Deputy Mayor. For KPA Gunungkidul established by decree of the Regent No. 20 / Kpts / 2010 which is updated with Regent Decree No. 388 / Kpts / 2012 with members of related local government offices and NGOs concerned with HIV / AIDS. NAC Gunungkidul currently based in Jalan Gunung Kidul District Health Office Col. Sugiyono 17 Wonosari.

In providing its services with the Department of Health KPAK Gunungkidul opened a clinic Voluntary Counseling and Test (VCT) for people who feel ever perform risky behaviors of HIV / AIDS to HIV testing is voluntary and confidential and KPAK services such as Care, Support and Treatment (CST ) in Clinical Empathy Hospital Comprehensive Wonosari and 10 Continual Service (LKB) in 10 health centers include; PHC Wonosari 1, PHC Tanjungsari, Purwosari PHC, PHC Ponjong 1, PHC Semanu 1, PHC Ngawen 1, PHC Bake 1, PHC Bake 2, health centers and health centers Patuk 1 Playen 2.
At the end of this talk show H. Iswandi hope of HIV / AIDS in the region, especially Gunungkidul need to coordinate all parties from all elements of society because HIV / AIDS is not merely a health problem alone, but it takes care of all parties because of HIV / AIDS involves the generation next

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