Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Crafts ''Akar Wangi'' The Evolving

Vetiver handicraft village of Hamlet Kepek Semin '' Gunungkidul '' increasingly exist in the market, so that craftsmen continues to increase. Besides Kepek, residents mandesan Semin also many who pursue this craft Akar Wangi.

Bolet (33), a craftsman Akar Wangi  Kawan Lama group consisting of 13 people said that the craftsmen continue to produce craft of Akar Wangi as an encouraging development.

Even Bolet personally make a horse-shaped craft of Akar Wangi which initially only to participate in the District karnval Semin. Turns Akar Wangi handicraft horse is interesting and there are some collectors who had bid USD 2 million. However Bolet still survive, and will be removed if there is a bid to Rp 2.5 million.

Making horse Akar Wangi itself spent 10 kg vetiver, at a price per kg Rp 16 thousand. For a skeleton made of wood.

Horse Akar Wangi has been selling hired for carnival in various places, where many indigenous villages in Gunung implement Rasulan.

While in Hamlet Mandesan, no less than 125 people who became artisans Akar Wangi. Products such as angklung, flute, letter, bags and much more. The products are marketed to a number of areas in Yogyakarta. Medium price is quite varied depending on the model and size.

Craft group Akar Wangi Lugut Makmur 10 members, being that 115 people joined the group.

Turnover Akar Wangi handicraft Semin each month of no less than USD 100 million. Slamet, Chairman Kawan Lama confirmed, Akar Wangi handicraft turnover is increasing, especially after the capital assisted BRI, so the craftsmen are no longer any difficulty in getting funds, raw materials, labor and marketing.

Branch Manager BRI Wonosari Bekti Nefiyanto justify, crafters Akar Wangi in Semin is BRI customers loyal. Therefore the People's Party Simpedes, all artisans who become customers of BRI always invited to open a booth to sell their respective products.

BRI Wonosari, credit Kupedes 2009 to August was USD 149 457 billion, the number of borrowers 24,169 people. Moderate income 138 054 billion USD. The number of borrowers including business groups spread across 18 districts.

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