Tuesday, 18 November 2014

10 Fact you Should Know

1. Did you know that the design of the National Palace and the Presidential Palace was built following the concept of houses on stilts .

2. Often nosy or intrusive is one type PDKT made ​​man if love with a woman .

3. 7 out of 10 men prefer women who can cook as his future wife .

4. Androstadienone , a substance derived from testosterone found in male sweat is able to attract the attention of women and lift their mood .

5. Men who are too thin has the same risk of heart disease in men who are too fat .

6. Saws discovered by a doctor and was originally used to perform amputation .

7. High-fiber vegetables such as spinach can reduce hunger to 14 hours .

8. The song ' You Suffer ' from the band Napalm Death is the shortest song ever recorded with a duration of 1.316 seconds .

9. Research shows that people prefer the color blue for casual clothing .

10. Although popular with hits ' Sweet Home Alabama ' , none of the original personnel Skynyrd came from Alabama 

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