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"Masjid Indonesia" In Kenitra City , Maroko

"Masjid Indonesia" In Kenitra City , Maroko 

When in Jakarta there are roads named Jalan Casablanca otherwise in Casablanca - Morocco is also a road named Jalan Jakarta. Not only road Jakarta there is also a road named Jalan Bandung. Still not quite enough up there, in the city of Rabat - The capital of Morocco is also a road named Rue Sukarno (Sukarno). All of it is a form of respect Moroccan government (at that time) under the reign of King Mohammed V over Indonesia and Bung Karno services in support of Morocco's independence from France.

Bung Karno became the first country to hold a leadership trip to Morocco after its independence. Bung Karno visit to Morocco on May 2, 1960 was greeted by the people of Morocco, Bung Karno even brought parade around Rabat in the open-air motoring with the King Mohammed V. then on the King Mohammed V presents Bung Karno to inaugurate its own roads in the city Rabat named after him "Rue Sukarno" or Sukarno, while providing visa-free gift to all Indonesian citizens who will travel to Morocco. A gift that can still be enjoyed by people of Indonesia until now.

Indonesia Mosque (Maolay Hassan) 

But aside from all that, in Morocco there is also a magnificent mosque which is also called "Indonesian Mosque". Its location is in the city of Kenitra. Although so far there is absolutely no news in this country about the existence of this mosque. Burhan Ali, an Indonesian student who was studying in the Maghreb countries raised the existence of this mosque in writing.

Mosque (named) Indonesia still stands and still works fine until now. On the nameplate mosque mounted above the main door of the mosque written clearly the name "Indonesian mosque" in Arabic. Never mind the Indonesian people in the homeland, the Indonesian who lived in Morocco were very few know about the existence of this historic mosque.

Indonesian Mosque tower in the town Kenitra - Morocco

The naming of this mosque is not released by naming the names of streets as mentioned above as well as the exemption of visas for citizens of Indonesia as a gift from King Mohammed V. The mosque is located next to Souk Houriya, Kenitra City Biranzaran this area is still to be one of the central teaching and literacy and a brief recitation after maghrib prayer.

Architectural terms, "Indonesian mosque" is slightly different from the mosques in Morocco in general. Never any of the Morocco recalled that some architects who helped build imported from Indonesia. Striking differences seen in the building of minarets. When Morocco generally shaped minarets towering beams, tower "Indonesian Mosque" rectangular tapered upwards. (on the smaller side compared to the bottom of the tower).

The roof mosque is also much different from most mosques in Morocco roof, the roof "Indonesian mosque" is a series of pyramid roof combined into one. An interesting difference between the Masjid mosque in the city of Kenitra are all typical Moroccan architecture. Residents original Kenitra was not much to know about this mosque except the elderly. Kenitra young people more familiar with this mosque as Masjid Maolay as written on panoramio website that displays this mosque named Masjid Maolay Hasan (Hasan Maolay is the name of the son of Crown Prince of Morocco)

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